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Newton's Laws of Universal Gravitation

  Gravitational Force Between Two Bodies in The Universe 1. Force of gravity exists among all the objects in the universe.   2. The gravitational force between objects near us is so small that it is almost undetected.   3....

Information Transfer

  Carriers waves, AM and FM Waves can transfer information as well as energy. A simple wave carries information about its frequency, wavelength and amplitude. It can carry much more information in the form of patterns of amplitude or patterns of...

Astronomy and Space Exploration

  Developments In The Field Of Atronomy 1. Astronomy is a branch of science that studies the motions and natures of planets, stars and galaxies. It is the oldest of all sciences.   2. In many early civilisations, our ancestors noticed...

The Existence of the Universe

  1. We should be thankful for the existence of the universe and appreciate the uniqueness, order, beauty and harmony of the universe as a gift from God.   2. The universe is so vast, nobody has seen the edge of it. The Earth is less than a...

Stars and Galaxies

  Star 1. A star is a self-luminous gaseous body.   2. The Sun is an example of a star. It is a self-luminous sphere of gas and plasma that is held together by its own gravity and energised by nuclear reactions in its...

The Sun

  Characteristics Of The Sun 1. The Sun is a star located at the centre of our Solar System.   2. It is our nearest star and the engine for all life on Earth.   3. The Sun contains 99.85% of all matter in the Solar...

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