What subjects necessary for IGCSE
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What subjects necessary for IGCSE


Students are required to take a minimum of 5 or maximum of 14 subjects.

The core subjects are English, Mathematics and Sciences. Nevertheless, students can also choose other subjects ranging from Social Sciences (commonly Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Sociology) to Arts & Technology (commonly Computer Studies, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Art & Design).

Students are awarded with one IGCSE certificate on each subject. If you take 5 subjects, you will be awarded 5 IGCSE certificates. The number of subjects that need to be taken is varied from school to school, and also depends upon individual preference.


Cambridge IGCSE Grading System

The IGCSE is graded from A* to G, with U stated as “Ungraded”. Students are required to obtain minimum grade C for the 5 core subjects in order to proceed to the next advanced level or further education.

The IGCSE grading system aims to maintain the standard of grading such that the same level of achievement will receive the same grade from one year to the next. This means that grades should reflect a consistent level of achievement between different syllabuses within the same qualification and in different years.