What Is The Difference Between CIE and EDEXCEL?
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What Is The Difference Between CIE and EDEXCEL?


If you are preparing for your IGCSE or A-level examination, you will generally have a choice of which board examination you want to take – CIE or EDEXCEL. CIE is the Cambridge International Examination and EDEXCEL is offered by a subsidiary of the Pearson publishing company. Both examinations are highly respected and have equal value in regard to further studies or employment.


Both examinations are set at similar levels of difficulty, although individual opinions differ with some students find certain subjects in one examination more difficult than in the other. Both CIE and EDEXCEL are for students in the 14 to 16 year age group.


The two examinations are structured differently. CIE uses a tiered examination system which offers students the alternative of entering at either the Foundation or Higher levels. The more difficult questions are given in the Higher level papersIn the case of EDEXCEL, only mathematics has tiered entryFor all other subjects, there is only one set of question papers which means that both difficult and easy questions will be in the same paper.


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