What Are The Differences Between IB SL and HL?
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What Are The Differences Between IB SL and HL?


For each possible subject a student can take, there are two versions: a higher level (HL) and a standard level (SL). The difference between HL and SL ultimately boils down to a difference in difficulty, but that doesn’t mean every HL is inherently scary or meant to be avoided. HL subjects tend to delve deeper into the concepts that SL subjects cover, providing more applicable and realistic applications of what you learn.


For example, SL math would discuss the theory and formulae behind calculus, but HL math would teach you to then use those calculus concepts to find the rotational inertia of an object! Simply put, SL teaches you the “what” behind concepts and theories, while HL teaches you the “how” and “why.”


Students who take HL classes often find themselves questioning the concepts of their subjects more than SL students, and this is because IB promotes inquisitive thinking that challenges traditional ways of learning. This is why you’d find that the internal assessments for HL classes tend to be much more demanding and rigorous compared to SL. Expect your HL internal assessments to almost feel like extended essays in their own way! 


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