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About Me :

20 years of proficient, qualified experience in the subject, as seen in the feathers in our cap: multiple 7s at The International School Bangalore, Dubai College, Dhirubhai Ambani International, International School of Geneva, South Island School

Test Preparation SAT
Mathematics (SAT) $40 per hour Test Preparation AP
Calculus (AP) $40 per hour Edexcel IGCSE (9-1)
Mathematics A 9-1(4MA1) $40 per hour OCR AS
Mathematics A (H230) $40 per hour AQA AS
Mathematics (7356) $40 per hour AQA A-LEVEL
Mathematics (7357) $40 per hour OCR A-LEVEL
Mathematics A, Further (H245) $40 per hour IB DIPLOMA
Mathematics AA $40 per hour Mathematics AI $40 per hour Cambridge A-LEVEL
Mathematics Probability & Statistics 1 (9709) $40 per hour Mathematics Probability & Statistics 2 (9709) $40 per hour