School system

Get access to all exam-mate features and tools with your schools custom branding and custom admin panel to manage students, teachers, and monitor website usage.


*Student and Teacher accounts can be created from the admin panel dashboard

admin account :

  • Username : demo
  • Password : exammatedemo

After creating student/teacher account in admin panel, login here:

Flexible domain options

Register under your domain

Use your schools custom domain name:

Register under exam-mate subdomain

Use exam-mate sub domain with your schools name:


  1. - All exam-mate services and features. Including :
    • . Past Year Papers
    • . Topical Past Papers
    • . Build Exam feature
    • . exam-mate question bank
    • . Online MCQ exams
  2. - Option to use your schools personal domain.
  3. - Personal admin panel to manage website.
    • . Manage students
    • . Manage teachers
    • . Create and manage admin accounts
    • . View built exam pdfs
    • . Customzie website logo and details
    • . Manage account profile and profile picture
  4. - Customize website branding and look.

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