Water Supply System


1. For agricultural use, water can be used straight from its sources. For domestic and industrial use, water is treated in a water treatment plant so that it is safe and clean.


2. In our country, raw water for the water supply comes from rivers, streams and rainwater.


3. The water is trapped behind a dam in a reservoir before being treated in water treatment plant.


Water treatment plant

Figure 5.30 shows the stages of water treatment process in a water treatment plant.


Ways to save water

1. Clean water is a very precious.


2. Even though about 75% of the Earth's surface is covered with water, only 3% of it is fresh water and can be drunk. Furthermore, it takes a lot of energy to treat water and it costs money.


3. Thus, we need to conserve water. By doing this, we not only save on water bills but also save our environment.


4. Figure below shows some ways to save or conserve water.

- Only run the washing machine when with a full load

- Reuse water from the kitchen or bathroom

- Use water-saving devices e.g. flow regulators, aerators (to create a foamy strong flow from the tap) and self-closing delayed action water taps

- Repair leaks in taps and pipes promptly

- Wash car with pails of water instead of hosing directly

- Shower instead of using the bathtub and not take
long showers

- Turn off the tap while soaping or brushing teeth

- Install low-flush or dual-flush cistern in the toilet

- Collect rain water for watering plants