The Existence of the Universe


1. We should be thankful for the existence of the universe and appreciate the uniqueness, order, beauty and harmony of the universe as a gift from God.


2. The universe is so vast, nobody has seen the edge of it. The Earth is less than a speck of dust in the universe.


3. Al that exists in the universe is not permanent. Therefore, we should value our life and make it meaningful.


The Importance Of The Sun To Life On Earth

1. There could be no life on Earth without the Sun.


2. The Sun is a source of light and heat for life on Earth.


3. Plants transform solar energy into chemical energy stored in food through a process called photosynthesis. Therefore, the Sun is at the bottom of all food chains.


4. Energy from the Sun in the form of solar energy is used as a clean, inexpensive alternative source of power.


5. The Sun also serves an important role in helping us to understand the rest of the universe. It is the only star close enough to us and serves as the key in understanding other stars.


The Importance Of The Moon To Life On Earth

1. The Earth has a large satellite which is called the Moon.


2. The Moon influences life on Earth directly or indirectly.


3. The most obvious influence of the Moon on the Earth is the ocean tides.


4. The regular rise and fail of sea levels creates a uniques environment for life on Earth.


5. The Moon has also encouraged the development of intelligence in human beings, especially in mathematics, arts and science.


6. By observing changes in the moon's phase and brightness, human beings have developed the calendars.


7. When Galileo turned his telescope towards the Moon, it spurred high technological developments in space exploration.