The Benefits of Heat Flow


1. There are many uses of heat flow in our daily life:

(a) The flow of heat through conduction is used for cooking and boiling. Conduction of heat is also applied in electric irons, ovens and toasters.

(b) The flow of heat by convection and radiation is used to dry wet clothes, salted fish and others.






(c) Heat flow through radiation gives us hot water when we use a solar heater to absorb heat from the sun.

(d) Convection currents can help to improve air circulation and cool our houses and buildings. Fans and air conditioners help to cool the surrounding air through convection currents.







(e) Our life can be made healthier and more comfortable with a good ventilation system in our houses. Windows, openings and exhaust fans are things that can help to improve the ventilation of air in a house. Warm air inside the house can be drawn out and replaced with fresh, cool air from the outside.